Danielle Hardin

Diminutive junior college professor with glasses and flyaway brown hair.

  • Agility d6
    • Driving d4
  • Smarts d6
    • Healing d4
    • Investigation d6
    • Notice d6
    • Knowledge (History) d6
    • Knowledge (Local Lore) d6
  • Spirit d8
    • Guts d8
    • Persuasion d6
    • Psionics d8
  • Strength d4
  • Vigor d6
  • Pace 6
  • Parry 2
  • Toughness 5
  • Charisma 0
  • Hindrances
    • Obligation (Teaching)
    • Phobia (Bugs)
    • Bad Eyes
  • Edge
    • Arcane Background (Psionics) 10 PP
      • Postcognition
      • Psychic Sensitive

Danielle Hardin had a simple childhood. Her mother passed away when she was barely old enough to remember her, and when she died, her well-off family had no further contact with Danielle and her father because he was an artist, and not the sort of person they ever wanted their precious daughter associated with. Because of the money that they’d once had, Danielle and her father had an extensive, well-rounded library that she would spend many hours every day within. Her dad was constantly getting lost in his work and forgetting about her, so it was a good thing that Danielle was not a difficult child.

She grew up enamored of European history, so much so that she made it her goal to teach it to others. She worked many part time jobs while attending college to make ends meet and graduated with fairly high marks, with a degree in education at the college level, with a focus on European history. But despite all that, she’d always been fond of gathering and collecting secrets, and so she was something of a local history buff, as well.

Her contentment in life came to a screeching halt when her father was found dead, of apparent suicide. He’d completed one last piece before his death, and those who had seen it said that it was a stunning work of art…for having been done in crayon. Danielle is still trying to sort out the details of her father’s death, because she has become convinced that he did not kill himself.

Danielle Hardin

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